The School of Small and Medium Enterprises in Zhytomyr



Status: Completed

Target Region: Zhytomyr

December 2018 – January 2019


1. Zhytomyr City Council
2. International Renaissance Foundation


Igor Komendo

Director, Project Manager


The School of Small and Medium Enterprises in Zhytomyr is a socially-oriented project designed to support the ATO veterans and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in their intention to launch their own business. Taking the standard School of SME curriculum as a basis, the project in Zhytomyr implements a new study format where ATO veterans and IDPs obtain the entrepreneurial skills side-by-side of ordinary citizens. The 50/50 division of the class group makes it easier for representatives of vulnerable groups to adapt themselves to the new social reality.


In addition, the School of SME provides its participants with high-quality knowledge and practical skills enabling them to launch their own business regardless of the background and the level of experience.


The School of SME offers:


🔸 The concentrate of extremely useful information and practical advices

🔸 A personified approach from business professionals

🔸 Setting up a systemic vision of one’s future business

🔸 Up-to-date approaches to entrepreneurship

🔸 A pool of 300 graduate entrepreneurs

🔸 Knowledge and skills required to create and develop own business

🔸 Expert support helping to avoid mistakes in the business development


The 6-day intensive entrepreneurship training includes theoretical and practical part dealing with the main areas of the business organization, like:


🔸 Leadership and motivation 

🔸 Marketing 

🔸 Financial management 

🔸 Operational management

🔸 Internet for small and medium businesses

🔸 Active sales, customer service

🔸 Project management

🔸 Communication with investors  

🔸 Business plan preparation 


The project “School of Small and Medium Enterprises in Zhytomyr with the participation of ATO veterans and internally displaced persons” is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation with the assistance of the Zhytomyr City Council.


Project results

Short-term results:

  • 26 participants went through the training
  • 2 retreats held to LLC OBERBETON-INVEST and Unit.City
  • 26 prepared business plans ready for implementation


Anticipated long-term results:

  • Increase in the business activity of certain groups of population. After the project completion, 3 participants were in the process of setting up a business. Expected results – 5-6 newly created enterprises in a 1-year perspective.
  • Workplaces creation. 5 working places were created in 2 months after the project completion. Expected results – 6-10 workplaces in a 1-year perspective.
  • Creating strong links between newly created start-ups and large businesses.
  • Investments attraction.