About us

GoLOCAL – is an NGO created in 2015 that promotes innovations, respect for environment and efficient use of resources. We strive for sustainable development of Ukraine by promoting sustainable development projects, introducing innovative educational programs, providing technical aid, drafting integrated strategies of sustainable development for regions, ecosystems and municipalities.

GoLOCAL implements regional, municipal and ecosystem development projects bringing together civil society, local authorities, enterprises, donor organisations and international financial institutions. The projects are initiated at local / municipal level to achieve the greatest impact within communities.

Our projects are aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12, 13, in particular, the introduction of sustainable consumption and production patterns, the reduction of environmental impact, the sustainable and inclusive development of cities and communities.

Our values


We deliver long-lasting results through the implementation of integrated urban development approaches, resource efficiency, environmental security, and green economy best practices.

Creative and Design thinking

We use design thinking to produce creative, non-standart and innovative deсisions.

Achieving results

The core of all our projects is the promotion of the concept of sustainable economic development in Ukraine


Securing the interests of all stakeholders is a central principle in everything we do. We encourage and respect a diversity of opinions and positions.


Sensitive approach to the position of every stakeholder is the key to the success of the whole project. We encourage and build close contacts and partnerships between local authorities, business representatives, and civil society.

Strategic priorities

GoLOCAL implements the UN Sustainable Development Goals – the key principles for countries’ development covering all levels: the economy, society and the environment. Our priority areas are:

SDG 12
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

SDG 11
Make cities and human settlements sustainable

SDG 13
Combat climate change and its impacts