Our team consists of highly qualified professionals. We are different, but this diversity of ideas, opinions and experience makes us powerful.

Igor Komendo


Igor Komendo Director Igor has over 10 years of experience in public policy, project management, regional and municipal development. UNDP Energy Efficiency Expert. Igor attracted over € 1m from USAID, SlovakAid, GIZ, NEFCO for implementation of international projects. Key competencies: • Innovations development • Energy efficiency

Yuliia Lidich

Deputy Director of Operations

Yuliia Lidich Deputy Director of Operations For more than 7 years of her career, Yuliia has gained experience in project management in the fields of non-profit, education, and marketing activities. Her expertise includes managing both local and international initiatives, as well as business education. 4 years of experience in entrepreneurship. Key competencies: • Business development • Strategic planning and analysis • Project planning and management • Branding and marketing

Sergii Gorkavyi

Project manager

Sergii Gorkavyi Project manager Over 13 years of experience in public administration and project management. Expertise in international relations, legal policy, operational planning and European integration. Ph.D. in International Law. Key competencies: • Project development and drafting • Coordination and management of projects involving international partners

Fedir Voloshyn

Interpreter. Project assistant

Fedir Voloshyn Interpreter. Project assistant 12 years of experience in teaching and interpreting, including simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Fluent in Spanish and English. Experience in administrative and language support of international grant projects. Key competencies: • Language teaching • Translation and interpretation • Language support of international projects • Project administrative support

Iryna Popova


Iryna Popova Lawyer More than 15 years of experience in the field of legal support and business support. Key competencies: • Knowledge and activities within civil, commercial and corporate law • Legal support for NGO activities

Our experts

Lidia Paschuk

Lidia Paschuk Candidate of Science in Economics, practicing business consultant, consultant of the UN and Canadian PROMIS project. Has more than 10 years of experience in the World Bank.

Zuzana Jezerska

Zuzana Jezerska Executive Director of the Slovak Center for Communication and Development (SCCD); expert in cross-sectoral projects with a focus on the development of education and culture.

Serhii Komberianov

Serhii Komberianov President of the Lean Institute of Ukraine, expert in the implementation of cost-effective production principles and day-to-day management processes.

Elena Dobrorodneva

Elena Dobrorodneva Consultant and business coach with over 10 years’ experience. Involved professor of International Management Institute (IMI), certified trainer TASK International / TMI.

Vitaly Gorovoy

Vitaly Gorovoy Managing Partner of Insoft Partners; expert in entrepreneurship digitalization, development of innovative turnkey software solutions for optimization of production and operational business processes.

Svitlana Berzina

Svitlana Berzina President of the NGO “Living Planet”, International Auditor of Environmental Management Systems. An active public figure and coordinator of environmental projects and programs.

Kyrylo Tomliak

Kyrylo Tomliak Expert on renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Has experience in municipal energy efficiency projects.

Galyna Buzan

Galyna Buzan Expert on standardization in the field of environmental protection, environmental impact assessment, evaluation of the effectiveness of environmental management of the products’ life cycle.

Taras Shymko

Taras Shymko GPAinUA project leader, expert in public procurement in foreign markets of countries participating in the GPA WTO Agreement.

Svitlana Perminova

Svitlana Perminova Director of the Centre for Environmental Certification and Labelling of NGO “Living Planet”. Engaged expert of Transparency International Ukraine, GIZ, UNDP, International Renaissance Foundation projects.

Alain Heureux

Alain Heureux Belgian business trainer, expert in innovation and creative ecosystems development. Funder of The EGG incubator, and of the European Creative Ring network.

Kari Mikkelä

Kari Mikkelä Executive Producer of Urban Mill, Head of Design Bureau Tomi Järvelin Design Oy. He has 18 years of experience as trainer in innovative management systems development.

Ewa Voelkel-Krokowicz

Ewa Voelkel-Krokowicz CEO at Concordia Design (Poland) - one of the most successful centres for design, creativity and business in Europe. Expert in creating and developing an ecosystem for creative entrepreneurship.

Ralf Fleuren

Ralf Fleuren Dutch creative entrepreneur, founder of the community “Founded by All”, marketer and trainer at Bliqsem. Business consultant on marketing, communication and innovation.

Tatiana Stakhovskaya

Tatiana Stakhovskaya Director of creative agency “Creapro”, expert in the field of creative industries and creative economy, organizer of the annual creative conference Creascope.