Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025


Basic information


Status: Completed


Target Region: Bila Tserkva



October 2015 – March 2016




1.Bila Tserkva City Council

2.Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

3.NGO “Bila Tserkva. Tomorrow”

4.NGO “Center for Community Development”

5.NGO “Public Council Smart City”

6.Charitable Foundation “Movement of Youth”

7.Charitable Foundation “K.Fund”

8.Consulting Company “European Innovation Centre”




Volodymyr Glukhov








In 2014, the Ukrainian government took the direction of the decentralisation of the country based on a positive and efficient experience of the world community. Decentralisation – involves the transfer of powers and budget incomes from state authorities to local governments.


Realising that there is a need to develop a detailed plan of city’s development and use of acquired resources and powers, in October 2015 a group of opinion allies began to form. The analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the city was conducted by analysing the current situation and the cohesion of various members of the public and government around the process of the City development strategy.




Developing sustainable urban development methods and bringing together state and municipal authorities, progressive-thinking civil society, responsible business and intellectual elite to build a modern management system, to revive business and create a comfortable and high quality urban environment.




January 20, 2016 witnessed the signing of the Memorandum for Development and Implementation of the Social and Economic Project “Bila Tserkva Development Strategy” between all the partners of the project aiming to join forces of the state and municipal authorities, city residents, civil society organizations, community activists, government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and scientists in their efforts to enhance the integrated urban development of Bila Tserkva.


The Strategy incorporates different levels of documents (Strategy for Sustainable Development “Ukraine – 2020”, Kyiv Region 2020 Development Strategy, local level plans and programs) that were analyzed during the Strategy preparation. Thus, the Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025 creates conditions for the integrated development of the city at the regional and state level. The local development plans and programs are to be brought in conformity with the Strategy upon the approval thereof.


The Strategy is an all-embracing agreement uniting citizens, business circles and local government representatives in their efforts to transform the city into a City of the Future, a city which can reveal its potential and become a business leader across the region with outstanding self-government model and a city with a high quality of living.


Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025 structure:


  1. Development and strengthening of a civil society
  2. Promoting entrepreneurial activity
  3. Building a modern system of good governance
  4. Life quality improvement




  • The Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025 was developed with due regard to the interests of society and business;
  • Over 4,000 city residents joined the process and took part in a range of questionnaires, two strategic sessions, eight focus group thematic interviews and four conferences;
  • The Strategy was adopted by the Bila Tserkva City Council on 24.03.2016;
  • The implementation of the Strategy began on 23.06.2016.


Informational materials


Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025 (Ukr)
(Approved by the resolution of Bila Tserkva City Council #123-08-VII, March 24, 2016)