GoLOCAL NGO has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Lugansk State Medical University!

As part of the US Government’s Public Diplomacy Grant Program – Supporting Ukrainian displaced universities – our NGO has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the relocated Lugansk State Medical University.

In October our organization won a grant, which support programs assisting Ukrainian universities that have been displaced by conflict in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

This grants program is designed to support innovative and impactful projects to support displaced Ukrainian universities, their faculty, students and staff, and the communities that they now serve.

What is provided by our project?

This project, administrated by GoLOCAL NGO on behalf of the displaced Lugansk State Medical University will enhance the capacity of the university to provide quality, modern, and innovative medical education in an area of Ukraine where it is deeply needed.

This program will create a

  • telemedicine unit at LSMU
  • regional TISC center
  • publishing center

The university will be provided with modern electronic resources and technologies.

Also we are planning to strengthen collaboration with other medical universities in Ukraine and provide series of study tours to support the professional development of students and medical professional at the LSMU.

The big idea of this project is to support not only the displaced university but also to improve the health options available to the communities close to the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.