EDU Date

On June 11, main stakeholders of the educational field representing government authorities, donors and public sector met at OsvitoriaHub to sum up the results of cooperation, build new partnerships and set up the priorities for further development and reform of the educational sector.


The event, organized by GoLOCAL and Osvitoria NGO, was held in a new “date” format. For some participants it was the first meeting, while someone met old familiar faces and was glad to share news and future plans with them. Anyway, the «date»‎ format worth it: being friendly and relaxed the environment resulted in very vibrant and productive interactions.


Thus, participants shared their views on the process of the education reform implementation in Ukraine during the panel discussion. Here are the EDU Date most important points:


Liliya Hrynevych, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine: “Education reform is our common achievement. I want to express gratitude to NGOs for being able to help where the public sector did not have enough time to respond promptly to existing challenges”.


Zoya Lytvyn, Head of NGO Osvitoria: “Education reform should begin, first of all, with a new way of thinking. There is no room for competition between stakeholders. Our main strength is in the synergy of common efforts”.


Colombe de Mersey, Program Manager of the “Education” sector at the EU Delegation to Ukraine: “The EU Delegation welcomes all the achievements that have been made in the area of ​​education over the past 2-3 years. European donor organizations are ready to provide widespread support to educational initiatives, especially in those areas where this support is crucial, for example in inclusive education”.


Hryhoriy Baran, Board Secretary of the International Renaissance Foundation: “IRF welcomes the systematic reform efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Education and, in particular, its efforts aimed at building an active educational community consisting of civil servants, teachers, and public activists. There is no doubt that education reform needs support and we are ready to provide it”.


The final part of the event was held in a “speed dating” style: every NGO had only 5 minutes to pitch its best initiatives and projects. Osvitoria, EdEra, Ukrainian Institute of the Future, Smart Osvita, Pro Svit, Empatia.Pro, EdCamp, See Heart and GoGlobal presented their amazing projects that impressed and inspired all the meeting participants. We are confident that the EDU Date event will help NGOs’ teams to expand their circle of like-minded people, find partners and support for future achievements.


The feedback from the participants is unambiguous — similar events are essential and should be held on a regular basis. Well, already having some fresh ideas we are sure that the next EDU Date is inevitable! Follow the updates 😉