Another victory: our project “Non-Price Criteria for Public Procurement” won the EU Association Lab nomination

In early April the project “Non-Price Criteria for Public Procurement” that GoLOCAL, along with a team of experts, was working on for the last 6 months, won the EU Association Lab’s “The Greatest Impact” nomination.


About the project

Public procurement in Ukraine is a huge market nowadays: 27 000 customers annually perform more than 1 million procurement procedures worth 700 billion UAH. And only a very small proportion of the mentioned procurements – 0,5% – is performed with the use of “non-price criteria”: indicators of efficiency, quality, and innovation of a product/service.

But why don’t the customers use non-price criteria when purchasing? A team of our experts conducted a survey of 10 000 public officers responsible for procurement and figured out that they simply do not know how to use the criteria correctly! That is how the project team arrived at the idea of creating a simple online tool enabling the public procurers to pick quality and eco-friendly products with just a few mouse clicks.

With the new “constructor”, the customer will spend only 5 minutes instead of 5 days of deep analytical work. Quick, easy and efficient!


Electronic tool development

To launch the pilot version we have selected 12 most common purchasing categories: from road repairing works to computer equipment and furniture. Professional experts have developed non-price criteria with specific indicators for each of the categories. Those criteria have become the basic content of the special e-service, which will be integrated with the ProZorro system as well as with the “Personal Customers Account” on other e-procurement platforms.

The tool is very flexible and user-friendly. The customer can easily select, add and remove criteria according to his (her) requirements. The final version will be available for printing or downloading at the “Personal Customers Account”. And the best news – is that the constructor can already be tested at


Expected results

Our team has ambitious plans: two years after the project launching we expect the long-term savings to reach 14 billion UAH annually. It will become a reality thanks to the increasing of the amount of “green” procurement procedures up to 5% and with due regard to the rise of competitiveness and business motivation.

For example, using non-price criteria for the sole purchase of the office paper by public organizations can save up to 145 000 trees and 100 million UAH.


The project team

Obviously, the development of this unique online tool was possible due to the great expert team behind the process. We are grateful for the fruitful cooperation and amazing experience to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, ProZorro, the Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Transparency International Ukraine, the GPA in UA, and the NGO “Living Planet”. Implementation of the project became possible thanks to GIZ and the Advisory Fund for the EU Association of Ukraine comprehensive support.

The best is still to come!