The Q&A meeting on the contest “Bila Tserkva. Team of Change”

March 29, 2016, NGO GoLOCAL held a meeting with representatives of the public and the press, during which the details of the contest, as well as, its goals and objectives were explained. Also, everybody had the opportunity to ask questions about the competition and the results that expected.
“Bila Tserkva. Team of Changes” is a pilot project of our organization. We, as one of the signatories of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Bila Tserkva on the development and implementation of the City Development Strategy 2025, initiated the creation of personnel reserve. The Strategy needs people with sufficient knowledge and competences for its successful implementation. We do not seek for fully established specialists we gather people who have potential and are ready to develop. We wish to provide these people with an opportunity to gain experience with the implementation of strategic projects”– said Volodymyr Glukhov, Director of NGO GoLOCAL.
The aim is to provide a set of necessary knowledge and skills to participants, who then will take appropriate positions in the bodies of municipal administration and the Agency of strategic development of the Bila Tserkva in order to contribute to the successful implementation of the Strategy.
Patriots of Bila Tserkva are invited to apply. We wish to see people who:

  • are willing to work for the Bila Tserkva wellbeing;
  • seek to change and focused on the European values;
  • are ready for active cooperation with the community of the city;
  • have higher education;
  • are eager to learn;
  • have a high potential for development;
  • are able to work in a team and achieve goals;
  • fluent in both Ukrainian and English.

The interview panel will include the representatives of the Municipality, the Pedersen & Partners experts on recruitment, representatives of NGO GoLOCAL and the European Innovation Center (Poland). Oleksandr Lemenov has also agreed to join the interview panel of the contest.
The principles of selection of participants:

  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility

After the candidates will be selected they will have an opportunity to undergo the training course at one of Kiev’s business school and acquire knowledge on local government reformation and its optimization as well as project management and effective teamwork.
The training program will last for 1.5 months. Classes will be held at Bila Tserkva and Kiev-based business school.
The program is intensive and interactive. The classes will be held for 3-4 days for all day with 2 weeks to independent work afterward, then 3-4 days of classes again. At the end of training will be a final exam and presentation of the projects developed during the training with the support of experts.
The program also provides study tour to Poland for 1 week. Organizers noted that not all students will participate in the exchange programme, but only those who show the best results.
Among the advantages of the program, the organizers named:

  • Taking a unique educational course, developed by the best experts and practitioners of Business School;
  • State-recognized degree diploma;
  • Acquiring practical knowledge on the elaboration and implementation of municipal development projects;
  • Sharing experience with international experts;
  • Competitive advantage in applying to filling positions in local government and the Agency of strategic development of Bila Tserkva.

To participate in the contest, you must:

  1. Read the Regulation on competition.
  2. Fill in the Application Form for the competition.
  3. The completed application and resume of a candidate should be sent by April 5, 2016, inclusive via e-mail (subject “Bila Tserkva. Team of Change”).
  4. According to the results of an interview the interview panel decision regarding your participation will be sent to the indicated in your application e-mail until April 30, 2016.

We thank everyone for participation and active dialogue. We will be waiting for your applications.