The public discussion of the Development Strategy will be held in Bila Tserkva

On February 27, from 10:00 to 15:00, a public discussion of the Bila Tserkva City Development Strategy 2025 will be held at the Saksaganskogo Theater of Music and Drama, in order to optimize already developed offerings and facilitate the involvement of new members in the development of this document.

The Bila Tserkva City Development Strategy to 2025 is a draft document developed by the citizens of the city in cooperation with local authorities. The project aims to develop a vision of the city’s growth with further involvement of investors for its implementation.

NGO “GoLOCAL” joined the development of the Strategy as an external consultant and implementer on the level of communications with the local government and communities.

The agenda includes reports of the Strategy developers, which will provide answers to the key questions:

  • What is the Development Strategy and what it contains?
  • How will the Development Strategy affect the lives of residents?
  • How can the city residents get involved in its development?

Participants will be offered to contribute to the development of the document by the advancement of own proposal and discussion of existing ones. Institutions, organizations or NGOs can join the development and implementation of the Strategy by acceding the public Memorandum on the development and implementation of the socioeconomic project of joint action “Bila Tserkva City Development Strategy to 2025.”

GoLOCAL hopes that this event will be perceived by the society as an opportunity to make a practical contribution to the prosperity of their city and promotion of its growth.