The instruments of influence for active citizens presented in Bila Tserkva

November 23, 2016, a presentation of “Tool for the citizens” was held in Bila Tserkva City Council. Active citizens, NGOs and government representatives were invited to participate.

It was very nice to see 30 people who care about the future of the city and who are willing to be involved in solving its problems. We also thank the City Council of Bila Tserkva for joining the dialogue with the public.

Oleksandra Skyba, Deputy Head of All-Ukrainian Civic Association Institute Respublica, at the invitation of the NGO “GoLOCAL” presented the tools that can be used to influence public society and social issues in their city.

Exchanging experiences and ideas the participants identified four vital for the city questions to discuss and find solutions and ways of development, namely:

  1. Tourism;
  2. City’s infrastructure availability for people with disabilities;
  3. The quality of water in reservoirs and water supply of the city;
  4. Development of condominiums in the city.

By forming 4 working groups the participants discussed them, developing a plan to address the issues and attract a wider range of citizens to work on them. After the presentation of results, it was decided to continue to work on them after the meeting, which is why participants exchanged contacts and agreed to the next session, with the support of NGO “GoLOCAL” and the Institute “Republic”.

Igor Komendo, Project Manager of NGO «GoLOCAL», thanked those present for their active life position and participation in the event. He also encouraged them to share their new knowledge with friends might be interested in involvement in the process of positive change, and not to stop on the way of transformation and solving city problems.

“Our shared goal is expanding the range of people who can invest their resources (time and enthusiasm) in the development of the city. This path is steep, but the only true” said Igor Komendo.

All interested can download the guide “Tools for the citizens” at this link.