Tourism cluster in Bila Tserkva


Basic information

Status: Ongoing
Target Region: Bila Tserkva
from November 2016


1. Ukrainian Federation of Employers in Tourism
2. Bila Tserkva Strategic Development Agency
3. Bila Tserkva City Council
4. School of cluster managers, Kyiv Mohyla Business School


Volodymyr Glukhov

Project Manager, Co-founder





4 key priorities were defined in the Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025: Development and strengthening of civil society; Promoting entrepreneurial activity; Building a modern system of good governance; Life quality improvement. Facilitation of entrepreneurs’ association in clusters for a positive impact on the growth of the economic potential of the city is a part of strengthening entrepreneurship priority.


The development of the tourism sector is often the driving force for the economic growth of the city as well as to the improvement of living standards in general, as the flow of tourists requires investment into infrastructure development and raise of services’ quality.


NGO «GoLOCAL» initiated a creation of tourism cluster with the support partners as one of the contributors into the Bila Tserkva Development Strategy through 2025.


To promote the idea of clusters creation to unite efforts of business, community and government the Bila Tserkva. To initiate the creation of tourism cluster to develop the tourism and small businesses, including by involving international and Ukrainian experts.


January 24, 2017, NGO «GoLOCAL» and Bila Tserkva Strategic Development Agency held a meeting at with the representatives of hotel and restaurant business, municipal improvement services and civic society. The invited speakers were experts from the EU and Ukraine, which presented the concept of tourism cluster and demonstrated existing models of clusters in the world. The further steps for the creation and development of tourism cluster in Bila Tserkva were proposed during the meeting.


Invited experts:


  • Gunther Fehlinger, expert of the EU Project “Small and Medium Enterprise Development” (Austria);
  • Tetiana Tymoshenko, chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine in the field of tourism (Ukraine);
  • Iulia Gureeva, an expert on public-private partnership, the Platform of public-private partnership promotion (Ukraine);


Based on the results of the survey “The current state of the tourism sector in the Bila Tserkva by 2016” as well as ideas and materials presented by experts and participants of the meeting the next steps of the tourism sector were defined, namely:


  1. Combining the efforts of all the players that influence the development of the industry:
    1. HoReCa;
    2. Municipal authorities;
    3. Cultural institutions;
    4. Educational institutions.
  2. Creating a tourism cluster that is to structure the work on the development of the industry.
  3. Creating conditions for public-private partnership which will contribute to faster advancements in various fields.


February 5, 2017, a strategic session “Business-City-Brand” was held in Bila Tserkva. The objective was to involve government, business and civic society in the process of city’s brand development. Among the participants were representatives of different areas: Mayor of Bila Tserkva, members of the City Council, heads of departments and divisions, designers, architects, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, NGO representatives and others. The strategic session was attended by over one hundred residents and guests of Bila Tserkva.


March 9, 2017, 33 representatives from business, community and government signed the Open Memorandum of Bila Tserkva tourism cluster creation.


March 23, 2017, the first constituent assembly of the tourism cluster was held in the Bila Tserkva. During the meeting, the Cluster Board and cluster manager were chosen. It was also decided to register the cluster as NGO to provide it with a legal status.


The Cluster Board includes 7 representatives of businesses, 2 – government representatives, 2 – from the public. It emphasises the active position of the local entrepreneurs. The Cluster General Meeting was, also, created consisting of all signatories of the Memorandum. This body will approve major decisions, work plans and other issues of a strategic nature.


Next steps:


  • Determine the main obstacles to the development of the sector;
  • Identify attractive tourist facilities;
  • Form a unified database of investment proposals and development projects in the region;
  • Create a plan of “branding” of the region;
  • Develop a Communication Strategy;
  • Conduct an information campaign to promote the region and objects that are ready to receive tourists;
  • The search for additional resources for the development of the industry.




  1. The Tourist cluster was created in Bila Tserkva;
  2. 33 representatives from business, the public and the authorities have signed the Open Memorandum tourism cluster creation.
  3. The Cluster Board and the Cluster General Meeting were created, and the cluster manager was elected.




Open Memorandum of Bila Tserkva tourism cluster creation (UA)