GoLOCAL is Launching an Open Data Project

NGO GoLOCAL is planning to launch an Open Data project for the citizens of Bila Tserkva. The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance local citizens’ access to the public information in their communities. To this end, we will assemble and compile public government data into an easy-to-access and understand format, and then render it into open data, where there are no legal, financial, or other restrictions to its use. Our hope is that the results of the project in Bila Tserkva will serve as a working example and framework for how open data should be implemented throughout Ukraine.

Open government data is a valuable resource that is yet untapped in Ukraine. Open data promotes accountability and increases government transparency; which are cornerstone elements of a sustainable democracy. Additionally, numerous examples have shown social welfare gains where government data is opened and publicized, since information that is readily accessible and transparent enhances collaboration, participation, community involvement, and social innovation. Similarly, the economy benefits from easier access to information and knowledge, and through efficiency improvements achieved by cross-sector sharing of data to optimize decision-making and spending/investment decisions. We plan on building an Open Data project that will be able to deliver on all of these fronts.

We expect that this project will be a great source of pride for GoLOCAL, as it is directly in-line with two of our central objectives: facilitating Ukrainian citizens’ contact with local governments, and likewise working to increase government transparency and responsiveness.

We have already identified and assembled the technical members of the team that will be constructing the project, and have together drafted the necessary technical specifications of the project. We are actively fundraising for this project, and anticipate a full launch of the Open Data project in Summer 2017.