Introduction of energy efficient street lighting in Bila Tserkva


Basic information


Project’s budget: 14,100,000 UAH


Region: Bila Tserkva


Involved authorities: Bila Tserkva City Council


Subject: Energy efficiency


Potential partner: Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)


Stage: Preparation of feasibility study

Quality street lighting is one of the most important elements of landscaping and architectural decoration of every city. Providing comfort light in the evening and night time achieved by rationally selected quantitative and qualitative characteristics of street lighting, regulated by norms. Unfortunately, most of the lighting in the Bila Tserkva are Soviet-made lamps, which use sodium discharge lamps of 250-400 watts of power, which is economically disadvantageous. In the lamps of new type – LED 150 watts can be used, which provide more light with less electricity consumption.


The main advantages of switching to LED lighting for the city:


  • Energy savings of up to 60%;
  • Reduced maintenance costs, as LED lamp life is 3-8 times higher than of the other types of lamps;
  • Improving the quality of life in the city.




The project will lead to qualitative improvement and expansion of outdoor lighting, as well as save energy by reducing power consumption and the cost of repairing infrastructure.


Financial viability:


Preliminary evaluation of the project showed that the payback period is approximately 2.5 years.


Terms of loan:


  • The share of NEFCO – 10.9 million Hryvnia (78%);
  • The share of the city – 3.2 million Hryvnia (22%);
  • The maturity of the loan – up to 5 years;
  • Interest rate – 3% per annum, fixed, no other fees;
  • The loan is granted in three tranches by the schedule of the project and contractual obligations of the borrower;
  • Loan is repaid in equal quarterly instalments; the first payment is about 6 months after completion of the project;
  • Purchases of goods and services must be accompanied by a tender procedure in accordance to the laws of Ukraine.




Experts of the NGO GoLOCAL provided consulting and communication support to the members of the City Council in the preparation of project documentation and negotiations with the IFIs on the possibility of getting a loan.