International project European Design Upgrade


Basic information


Status: Ongoing


Target Region: Ukraine, Belgium, Finlan



June 2020 – February 2021





  1. K.Fund
  2. Urban Mill
  3. Creative Brussels



Olena Kokliagina

GoLOCAL Project Manager


European Design Upgrade is an international project for a community of designers from Ukraine, Belgium and Finland. Project participants will be able to implement their unique concepts and present them at the international level.

Ukraine has an extremely great potential for the development of the creative sphere. That is why the K.Fund Foundation together with the Ukrainian partner GoLOCAL, the Finnish partner Urban Mill and the Belgian Brussels Creative launched the European Design Upgrade educational initiative. In addition, K.Fund implements the project “Strengthening the role of Ukrainian design: preparing Ukrainian designers to participate in the Dutch Design Week 2020” with the financial support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UKF) under the program “N.O.R.D. Lot 2 Mobility and exchange programs ”. The project is part of the international program “European Design Upgrade: Transnational Capacity Building” (EDU).

35 talented designers, artists, technologists from three countries study with the best experts from Belgium, Finland and Ukraine to combine their professional intuition with knowledge and skills relevant at the international level.

The most interesting concepts from each of the participating countries will be presented at the international exhibition Dutch Design Week in late October 2020.

The project is funded by the European Commission and the Agency for Education and Culture, and is part of the Creative Europe program, which provides for the expansion and development of the creative and cultural sector.