Creative Hub




Status: Planned


Target Region: Kyiv





Igor Komendo





Creative industries development is one the European Union priorities for the 2018-2020 periods. It is confirmed by the startup of the “Creative Europe” program, directed to support the transnational exchange of the best cultural and creative practices and know-how, of new business and management approaches in this field. Taking into consideration the high actuality of the culture and creative economy development in Ukraine GoLOCAL has drafted a project “Creative and culture space. Incubation and acceleration of culture and creative economy drivers”. The project’s goal is to build up a creative hub (accelerator, incubator and creative space) in Kyiv city, becoming a key location for ecosystem spot of creative and cultural industries development.

General information


Design, 3D, movie, sound, urban, fashion, architecture, photo, industrial arts, arts


Unit City, Kyiv

Project’s duration:

3 years

Project’s budget:

EUR  1 790 000


Project stages and events:



І stage: Preparation (1-12 months of the project)

  1. Reconstruction and preparation of the location
  2. Incubation program completion
  3. Acceleration program completion
  4. Completion of the equipment list and their purchase


II stage: Incubation and acceleration part (13-36 months of the project)

  1. Incubation program for 30 companies
  2. Acceleration program for 30 companies


IIІ stage: Promotionofthebestpractices, achievements and reporting

(13-36months of the project

  1. Conduction of 2 creative industries conferences
  2. Experience and best practices exchange
  3. Reporting and PR activities





Budget division:

  • 600 000 EUR – reconstruction and preparation of the location
  • 360 000 EUR – incubation / acceleration program, Creative SMEs School
  • 50 000EUR – revolving grant fund
  • 500 000 EUR – equipment
  • 70 000EUR – 2 creative industries conferences
  • 100 000 EUR – PR activities
  • 110 000EUR – project management





  • “Сreative Hub” was build up and launched – 2000 – 3000 m2 (capacity 60 residents)
  • 30 residents, who have finished the incubation program
  • 30 residents, who have finished the acceleration program
  • At least 20 new creative enterprises were incorporated
  • Revolving grant fund
  • 300 new working places



When the project financing is completed “Creative Hub” will continue its activities on commercial basis. In addition, there will be a continuous fundraising from donor’s community.