Construction of “Zamkova Hora” Museum in Bila Tserkva City


Basic Information


Status: Initiated



Target Region: Bila Tserkva





September 2017 – September 2019





1. Maksym Iefymenko Charity Foundation
2. Bila Tserkva City Council





Igor Komendo

Director, Co-founder


Objective and brief description of the project:


The project’s aim is to preserve and care for artifacts of history and culture that were found while conducting excavations at the monument of national importance of archeology of Ukraine “Zamkova Hora” by creating a museum of findings of Zamkova Hora in the basement of the Church of St. George the Victorious.


Significance of the project:


The proposed museum will be created in an archeological site of national importance. The place where the church was built is of a great historical and cultural value. It is also considered to be cultural and architectural treasure of modern Bila Tserkva. The site is located in the city center, on the left bank of the River Ros, on the territory of the ancient settlement “Zamkova Hora,” which are the remains of earthworks of the castle of ХVІ-ХVІІІ centuries. The castle was built on the site of ancient Kiyvska Rus’ citadel of XI-XIII centuries of the annalistic city of Yuriyiv (the predecessor of the modern city of Bila Tserkva).


Sustainability of the museum


The museum will be maintained through donations, charitable money, money from the sale of tickets and excursions, the Bila Tserkva City Council and local entrepreneurs.

The total income will allow maintenance of the premises, equipment and exhibits.


Stages and activities of the project:


  1. To conduct necessary repairs in the basement of the church
  2. Installation of necessary technical equipment
  3. Transit and installation of exhibits objects
  4. Training of employees of the museum and of tour guides
  5. The museum’s opening and operation