Basic information


Project’s budget: Up to 10 million EURO


Region: Bila Tserkva


Involved authorities: Bila Tserkva City Council, KP “Bila Tserkva trolleybus management.”


Subject: Transport / Energy efficiency


Potential partner: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


Stage: Preparation of feasibility study


5 trolleybus routes are operated in Bila Tserkva city today, with a total length of 41 km. Trolleybus park consists of 18 trolley buses (in working order). As of January 1, 2016, the population of the Bila Tserkva was 210.2 thousand people. Accordingly, the existing trolleybus fleet of Bila Tserkva is not able to meet the needs of all residents. In 1991 the trolleybus fleet had 72 units of various modifications of ZiU 9. Besides, the contact network of the trolleybus routes hasn’t been repaired since its construction.


In July 2016, a fact-finding mission of Bank experts to the city was held. During which a meeting was conducted with the mayor of the city, the deputy head of the city development, the chief of KP “Bila Tserkva trolleybus management” and the representative of GoLOCAL. Bank experts examined the state of trolleybus infrastructure and noted the interest of the bank to assess the project.


August 23, 2016, during a meeting of the EBRD Credit Committee decision on the feasibility of the project, was made. In response, September 13, 2016, Bila Tserkva City Council adopted a decision “On participation of Bila Tserkva City Council in the modernization of the trolley park of Bila Tserkva» (№ 227-15-VII).




The project should help to improve the infrastructure of the public transport and the resource savings by the city:


  • Increasing the number of trolley buses up to 30 units;
  • Capital repairs of the contact network of existing routes and introducing new routes;
  • The modernization of the trolleybus depot.


Financial viability:


The current financial situation of KP ” Bila Tserkva trolleybus management” is flawed: 20 millions UAH are being compensated from the city budget annualy.


Preliminary evaluation of the project showed that it would reach the breakeven point by increasing fares from 1.50 to 2.00 UAH.


Terms of loan:


  • The maturity of the loan – 13 years;
  • Grace Period – 3 years;
  • Maturities of the principal amount of the loan – 10 years;
  • Interest rate – 7% + six-month EURIBOR rate;
  • The City provides financial guarantees to the Bank;
  • One-time fee – 1.2% of the aggregate principal amount of the loan;
  • Commission on reserve funds – 0.6% per annum;
  • Commission for assessment of the project – 40 thousand EURO;
  • Tender procedure will be held by the EBRD (international standard).




Experts of the NGO GoLOCAL provided consulting and communication support to the members of the City Council in the preparation of project documentation and negotiations with the IFIs on the possibility of getting a loan.


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