GoLOCAL is an NGO established in 2015 that implements regional and municipal development projects in close cooperation with civil society, local authorities, and International Financial Institutions.


Our projects are initiated at the local levels to achieve greatest positive impact and sustainability. Participation among all stakeholders is a central principle in everything we do to play our part in realizing our shared vision of a successful and prosperous Ukraine.




We initiate and implement projects that result in regional and local development. We are convinced that sustainable impact is possible by means of integrated urban development principles, efficient resource use, environmental safety and green economy best practices. We believe that empowered civil society and SME’s that look ahead with confidence are the main drivers of regional growth.




  • Provide support in drafting and implementing of Urban Development Strategies;
  • Encourage people to become civically-active;
  • Facilitate dialogue between local authorities and the public;
  • Provide support to small and medium enterprises;
  • Promote adoption of energy efficient solutions;
  • Supply technical support to local authorities in cooperation with Financial Institutions.




Our Team

Igor Komendo


Key areas:

  • energy efficiency and environmental matters
  • entrepreneurship development
  • EU integration

Volodymyr Glukhov

Project Manager, External Expert

Key areas:

  • international assistance
  • training programs and study visits
  • government relations


Anton Polak

Project Coordinator

Key areas:

  • social innovations

Ganna Parkhomenko

PR Manager

Key areas:

  • public communication
  • media relations
  • SMM

Sergii Pomazan

External Expert

Key areas:

  • rural development

Anastasiya Klimina

Project Manager


Key areas:

  •     cultural area
  •     EU integration
  •     environmental matters

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